Friday, July 11, 2014

Pine Ridge - Sneak Peak

As you can read here, our mission trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota is coming up in a few weeks.  A few men from the church visited Pine Ridge and visited with the residents that we will be helping.  Check out this awesome video to meet people that we will have the privilege of serving!

One of the residents, Granny, makes beautiful quilts.  I have two ideas to help Granny.  First, if you have fabric that you would like to donate, I will collect the fabric and take it to Granny to use in her quilts. Second, when we arrive, I plan to take pictures of any quilts Granny may have and post them here and on facebook with the purchase price.  If you are interested in buying a quilt, I can purchase it for you while I am there.  This is Granny's only source of income and would be a great way to help!

Please continue to pray for our group as the trip approaches.  Pray that God will prepare our bodies for the manual work and heat, that God will prepare our minds for the long travel and for being outside of our comfort zone, and pray that God will prepare our hearts to be open and loving to each person we meet.

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