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Project:Re3 Mission Trips For 2017 Announced!

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Have you often wished you could travel on a short term mission trip?  Do you want to go with a group of amazing people that share your passion for people, service, and serving the Lord? Are you excited about the idea of a short term mission trip, but you don't know where to start?  If you answered, "Yes!", then this post is for you!

Project:Re3 has just announced the short term mission trips for 2017.  As you pray about whether one of the trips is the trip for you, consider the following:
• Registration for the trips will occur January 1st-31st. You will need to pay a $100 deposit in January to hold your spot.
• We have an early bird discount - If you sign-up AND pay your deposit by January 15th, you will get a $200 discount on the total cost of the trip. If you sign-up AND pay your deposit by January 16th-31st, you will get a $100 discount. If you sign-up after January you will not receive any discounts.
• Half of the balance of your trip is due April 1st. The remaining balance is due June 1st.
• Once airline tickets are purchased, you are responsible for the cost of your plane ticket even if you must drop out.
• Each trip is limited to 15 people

Now for the EXCITING part!  The trips for 2017!

Peru (Relational/Service)
May 19th-29th
Cost: $600 plus airfare

Are you interested in sharing the good news of Christ with indigenous people high in the rural mountains of Curahuasi, Peru?

Are you interested in partnering with a missionary family for a week, doing whatever ministries God places before you?
Do you love children?
If you answered yes, then this is the trip for you.
Curahuasi is the land of “ANIS” (aniseed), which is used to make scented, well flavored teas, pastries and breads, as well as used for medicinal properties in helping stomach issues. Curahasi is located in the heart of "Quechua country”. The city of Curahuasi is 9,000 feet above sea level (high-altitude). If you have heart problems, please consult your doctor prior to booking this trip due to the high altitude.
We will travel between the dates of May 19-29. The exact dates will be determined based on flights. The trip will most likely be 8-9 days.
On this trip, the work will vary daily based on the needs of our host missionary family, the Heath Family ( There is a possibility that we will travel to rural villages to deliver shoeboxes that were shipped over Christmas. We may work on the Children's Home that the Heath family is building (the building will house 56 children), we could lead VBS and play with children doing children's ministry, or we may minister to the men and women of the village.
The approximate cost of this trip will vary greatly depending on the price of airline tickets. At this time, there are some red eye flights departing from Raleigh that are approximately $1,000. The cost of daily lodging, meals, and transportation is $35 per day. Additionally, if the group plans to spend 2 days on a cultural excursion to Macchu Picchu, the cost for the excursion is $300. I estimate that if we find a flight for $1000, the total cost of the trip will be approximately $1600. However, the trip could cost as much as $2,500 if the flights are more expensive. We will make every effort to find the most cost effective flight.
If you are interested in this trip, please contact Beth Gianopulos for more information.

Guatemala (Medical)
June 24th-July 1st
Cost: $550 plus airfare
What if you could combine the DNA of Indiana Jones, Albert Sweitzer and Saint Mother Teresa into one mission trip?
It Could Be You!!
Imagine traveling in a 4-wheel drive vehicle around active volcanoes and rolling the windows up to avoid the splash of water while crossing rivers and streams. Seeing ancient Mayan ruins as you pull into a dirt road sleepy little Guatemalan village. You will enter cinder block, dirt floor homes, and perform first aid on an elderly woman, fit a teen with severe CP with a wheelchair or be a shoulder for a young mom, whose husband has abandoned her and her children. You will also be able to deliver food and medicine to those in need.
If going door to door doesn’t interest you, then if you have medical training or just want to greet and mingle then a medical clinic is just the right fit. We will setup in a village for a day or two and treat the local Mayan community of all ages. You will be treating respiratory conditions to machete wounds. You will be busy, so busy that you will have to be reminded to drink water and eat. Before you know it, night has fallen, Buenos Noches.
If adventure and band aids is not your thing, you can have a play day at Hogar de la Esperanza. You will be able to assist in the care and feeding of orphaned children who love to play and have individual attention. If you are not careful you won’t want to leave them. Watch out for Yeni, she will steal your heart.
You will be guaranteed that this is not your typical mission trip. You will return home with the realization that what took place in the past week of your life was greater than yourself and that you will never be the same.

Chillicothe, OH (Youth Workcamp/Home Repair)
June 24th-July 1st
Cost: $450
Explore the true meaning of your faith in this exciting, small city where the Appalachian mountains meet the sweeping plains of the Midwest.
Within sight of the western edge of the Appalachian foothills, the first capitol of Ohio has a population of about 22,000 warm and friendly people. But like so many towns, too many of those people struggle with the challenges of aging—or the pain of having to choose between food, medicine and clothing, or badly-needed maintenance on their crumbling, aching homes.
A local church—whose members have served in many Workcamps in other communities—invites your group to join with them to bring the love of Christ to their home town. Joining together in faith, you and your students will reach out to the needy by fixing leaky roofs, building wheelchair ramps and handrails, reconstructing sagging, dangerous porches, and tackling significant painting projects.

Pine Ridge, SD (Home Repair / Native American)
Week One - July 8th-15th
Week Two - July 15th-22nd
Cost: $475 plus airfare/travel
Project:Re3 began serving in Pine Ridge in 2013. Not only is this one of the largest reservations in the nation, but it is also the poorest. The living conditions are desolate and there is a great need for prayer, love, and hope in the name of Jesus. On your trip to the Pine Ridge, you will have the opportunity to participate in many home repair projects such as roofing, siding, flooring, building wheel chair ramps, and much more. In addition to the construction work there is much opportunity for growing in friendship with many local community members. You can expect to learn much about the Lakota Sioux Tribe history and culture.

Mexico City (Relational/Service)
July 29th-August 4th
Cost: $300 plus airfare
Does traveling to a foreign country, working with orphans and abandoned women, and serving in the most dangerous neighborhood in one of the largest cities in the world either excite you or scare you to death? If you said yes then this trip is for you! We will spend the week serving at a Salvation Army children's home, ministering to kids in Tepito, and sharing the love of Jesus with the women of Centro el Recobro.

I hope that you will pray about participating in some way in one of the Project:Re3 mission experiences. If you cannot travel, but you feel drawn to one of the trips, let us know.  There are so many ways that you can support the teams that travel and be involved in the ministry even if you cannot travel.  

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