Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Is Project:Re3?

Project:Re3 (pronounced re-three) seeks to redefine the Christian experience. Our community isn't made up of just individuals, but distinct mission-focused "Re:Groups" that reach out to their neighbors, both locally and globally, to share the Gospel. We believe firmly that people make up The Church, not buildings, or budgets, or even leaders. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish the mission of God, they are The Church.
Project:Re3 is a mission-based non-profit ministry. The people who make up Project:Re3 love the church, but hoped for more than Sunday morning worship and lukewarm religion that values personal comfort over Christian discipleship. 
Theologically, we are orthodox and evangelical. Being an independent non-profit organization (not coming from any denomination) we are anchored by the ancient and historical creeds of the church. The first and simplest creed: Jesus is Lord. We seek to place Jesus Christ as the head of this church, and to establish and submit to his supremacy in all things.
Our passion is for hurting and lost people of all ages, backgrounds, and socio-economic classes. We strive to empower leaders to reach and serve the people who exist at the margins of The Church as we know it. We believe that intimacy with God and commitment to His mission means prioritizing for those that are hurting and lost  and without knowledge of His saving grace. We also believe that discipleship of believers happens best and most significantly while obeying Jesus and following Him through mission - therefore, we empower believers to seek the heart of God in prayer to know their unique calling and to find a community where they can truly live it out. We then work to mobilize communities to meet the needs of the world around us, and to proclaim the good news of the kingdom.
INSPIRE people to surrender all their lives to Jesus and His cause.
CONNECT individuals into missional communities and the local church.
EMPOWER people to discover and obey their God given mission.
ENGAGE every kind of evil in our communities with prayerful action.

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